81-MM Mortar,M1

Weight: 136 lbs assembled; tube 44.5 lbs; mount 46.5 lbs; base plate 45 lbs.
Overall Length: 3 ft 9.5 in.
Muzzle velocity (HE): 700 f.p.s.

Rate of Fire: 18 rounds/min norm; 30-35 rpm max
Rocket: M7A1 shaped charge,rocket motor ignited electrically
Maximum Range (HE): 3290 yds
Sight: M4

M43A1 Light HE: 6.87 lbs; range min 200 yds;
range max 3290; 80deg frag radius 25 yds (comparing favorably with 75mm howitzer);
fast detonating fuse (explode on surface).

M45, M45B1 Heavy HE: 10.62 lbs; range max 2558 yds;
bursting radius comparable with 105mm howitzer; equipped with delay fuse
so some penetration possible for demolition use.

M56 Heavy HE: 15.01 lbs; range max 1300 yards; adjustable fuse for quick
or delay operation.